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Baldwin Family Locomotives
Model Specifications:
B&O C-16A
Overall Length Locomotive51 1/2"
Overall Length Tender33"
Overall Length Engine & tender 80 "88"88"
Overall Width Engine15"15"15"
Overall Width Tender14"14"14"
Overall Height to top of Stack23"
Overall Height to top of Cab18"
Overall Height to top of Tender12"
Capacity of Boiler Running Level
Capacity of Tender5 gal8 gal8 gal.
Fuelcoal, propane
Lead Truck Wheel Diameter3"3"
Tender Wheel Diameter4 1/8"4"4"
Driver Wheel Diameter6"6 3/8"6 3/8"
Working Pressure125 psi
Cylinder Bore & Stroke1 5/8 X 3"1 5/8 X 3"1 3/4 X 3"
Locomotive Weight270 lbs / wet 330 lbs dry
Tender Weight
Weight on Drivers
Tractive Effort (drawbar pull)65 lbs72 lbs90 lbs.
Minimum Track Radius15ft30 ft35 ft.
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